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    • WET WET WET To Play The Quays Glasgow July 28th 2014
  • The Races Summer Tour Kicks Off On July 19th In Haydock & Finishing in Hylands House Chelmsford Sept 14th




  •                                                                                        Evita 


At The Dominion Theatre London For Only 55 Performances from September 16th until November 1st 2014 Tickets on Sale Now 

Updated July 13th 2014

EVITA 2014

Mon, 14th July 2014 to Sat, 19th July 2014
Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury



















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Wet Wet Wet Appeared on Children In Need on November 15th, on Breakfast TV on November 21st, RTE Late Late Show November 22nd, Sky News November 25th. Coming Up Tv appearance's Daybreak on November 28th.



If need to know anything about Marti upcoming events and TV appearances just e-mail me...


Here's the external link to Marti's interview November 13th 2011.




Marti Pellow Will be appearing on DayBreak on Tuesday November 8th 2011 with Lorraine Kelly from 8.30 ITV1

           Updated November 8th 2011

Here's the clip of Marti for those who may of missed it this morning. I have not quite seen it myself being @ work until 6pm this evening - But here's the link for Lorraine Kelly...Enjoy










Updated February 17th 2011

Marti will appear on The Saturday Show on February 19th on RTE 1 . Marti will be interviewed and will perform This Is The Moment.


Marti Pellow Social Media Only Go On The Platforms Marti provides to Fans. I had to request for Marti to publish on Friday 12th 2020, Marti posted up yesterday June 16th 2020 - Glasgow Times as also written up an article about Marti’s Warning to his fans. Thank u for posting up after I requested this information needs to go out as immediately.




Thanking u  Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx 


Updated June 17th 2020 

Marti Pellow Info

 Latest Message From Marti !!!!   Last updated July 21st 2013 

Hi Everyone, Sheffield is over and a wonderful time was had by all! I must say I am a big fan of this theatre and the people who work and run it - the city should be proud and I think they are because the support and love for the theatre in sheffield is so strong…..The hot weather over the last week was a tough haven to go to work in - with the sun shinning and seeing all the happy faces! Ooohh I must also say a big thank you to all my new friends who help and do a stella job making the big scenes in Evita look so good and to the young ones too for not laughing too hard at me dancing in my big boots with them - they have been so positive I hope you had a good time as we love having you all onboard. We have been so lucky with all the cites so far…. So I am now in Norwich Theatre Royal for two weeks - another wonderful theatre if you want to come you better be quick as the tickets are high flying adored out the door - did you see what I did there…. anyway ….love to love ….marti…x


Updated April 21st 2020

Marti has been posted videos up on his official Facebook Page Instagram Twitter and You Tube for the NHS. 
tomorrow it’s the Q&A with Marti.

Marti dedication to Oliver Stephenson were so moving. Only 10 years ago we were seeking treatment for my niece who will be 16 on April 29th 2020 to have treatment in the USA that were going to cost £380.000 as the illness so rare was not available in UK, she is still fighting on with her terminal illness. But no cure, and were in declined to treatment in 2011. But didn’t stop us from smiling and helping others. I donated to 3 charities that Marti mentioned on Facebook.  Updated April 26th 2020 ....  Thanking u Karen Marie xxx







Updated July 1st 2011 Time 19:23pm   

A Personal Message From Marti Today

Hi There - just wanted to jump in and thank you all very much for all your kind messages.

I am on the mend and will be back in the show as soon as I possibly can. In the meantime

 - those of you seeing my understudy Martin in the role - please give him a massive cheer -

I know from seeing him in rehearsals just how fantastic he is! So catch him while you can! L2L Marti x




Marti as been working on a new Celtic Album - Watch this space for a release date.


Website Launched 2011




Website Launched January 13th 2011 Opened to the World on February 13th 2011 

Hope u all enjoy viewing this site most updates will be done on this site.....

No Contact with Wet Wet Wet's management or The Band/ No contact with Marti or his management....


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I have quite a few contacts regarding my Marti and Wets sites thats where

I get the news or on research.

So keep viewing.......

Updated November 23rd 2011

I have no contact with Marti's Management or Marti all info is found on research and not on MPO. I don't post information unless I know its correct. I don't have time these days due to personal circumstances with Millie. So I really don't surf MPO or post much now as before, or even have a chance to go on Marti's Facebook Page. Very Rarely I look, when I get time. Things are quite difficult getting information now on Marti's updates. I have to find out through friends sometimes. If I have been so busy with everything.

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